Best places to visit in Dubai

Best places to visit in Dubai

If you are a business travelers, there is a good chance you have been to a conference in Dubai. This cosmopolitan city is one of the biggest international business centers in the world. Famed for its modern venues and state of the art infrastructure, Dubai is a city where business people from all corners of the world converge every year. If you are not visiting Dubai for a business conference, then it must be for a holiday vacation. In the last few decades, Dubai has established itself as a leading holiday destination attracting millions of tourists every year. If it’s your first time in Dubai, you will certainly be blown away by skyscrapers such as Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa among others that spread across the city. The designer shopping malls to luxurious hotels, there are plenty of things you can enjoy while vacationing in Dubai. Here are Best places to visit in Dubai.

Dubai Mall

Make no mistake, whether you are planning to go on a shopping spree or not, Dubai Mall is one of the top things to see in Dubai. If you thought you can never get lost in a mall then come to Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the whole world that can be confused for a mini city while inside. No wonder first timers have a difficult time finding their way out of the shopping mall. Experienced travelers have advised first timers to pick up a free map before they start to explore the mall. In addition to 1200 stores, Dubai Mall has many entertainment facilities like movie theater, a massive aquarium, sumptuous restaurants and ice skating rink.

Jumeirah Beach

If you are looking to soak the beach sand while vacating in Dubai, then Jumeirah Beach is the place to be. The beautiful Jumeirah Beach is located along the coast of Dubai and features white soft sand on which to play and relax. You can take a mat and relax on the white sand or you can take a stroll and enjoy the cafes located at the beach.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is more than just a luxurious hotel in Dubai. It is a landmark and a symbol of the modern city of Dubai. This place is one of the most iconic hotels you can find anywhere in the world. Its silhouette shape gives it a distinctive look that makes it stand out from other luxurious hotels in Dubai. Since it was opened back in 1999, Burj Al Arab has attracted millions of tourists looking to dine there or stare at this iconic building. Burj Al Arab’s structure stretches 321 meters high, offering stunning views of the surrounding Arabian Gulf. Although Burj Al Arab has a magnificent structure which is eye catching, it is the exquisite services they offer which makes this hotel extraordinary. From private reception on each floor to personal butlers, the hospitality that this hotel offers is second to none.

Ski Dubai

Dubai might be in the middle of a desert but who said you cannot find a skiing center there? If you are looking to go skiing while in Dubai, Ski Dubai is the place to be. Ski Dubai is based inside the incredible Mall of the Emirates which offers an amazing and innovative experience for tourists. At Ski Dubai, you get to ski indoors as you watch shoppers staring in bemusement. You can engage in different activities such as rolling down the hills and building a snowman or playing with the penguins.

Dubai Desert Conservation

There is a good reason why Dubai is described as the city within a desert. Despite its world class infrastructure populating the modern city, Dubai has done an incredible job to conserve its deserts which forms a big part of the conservation project. You can experience the desert in a four wheel drive as the driver expertly navigates you passed the sand dunes. If you love photos, there are stops which allow you to take memorable

Dubai Museum

If you are looking for top things to see in Dubai, then come to Dubai Museum. Dubai Museum is the oldest structure in Dubai, which was completed in 1787. There are a lot of things to see here once you get there. You can begin outside with the display objects in case the weather is not too hot before heading inside. While inside, you can watch an audio visual display that shows the city of Dubai before oil was discovered.

Dubai has so much to offer when planing a vacation. You owe to you and your family to make this one of your family vacation destinations. You have the beach, ocean, lavish buildings, great museums, incredible architecture and one of the biggest most incredible malls. This will be a trip of a lifetime to see the Middle East and all it has to offer from culture, food and luxury. What are you waiting for start planning your trip today!