Exploring Tenerife Island

Exploring Tenerife Island

Of the volcanic group of islands known as the Canary Islands, found in the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife is the biggest. It is an incredibly busy tourist destination, and if you look at what this island can offer visitors it is not hard to see why. This article is a brief look at what it is about this island that makes it such a great place to visit.

The initial quality that piques the interest of tourists is the consistently good climate. Going from hot and sunny summers, to just slightly cooler, but no less sunny, winters. No matter what time of year, Tenerife, along with the other Canary Islands too, is always an option for a sunny get away. And what’s more is there are countless great ways to enjoy this weather. With glorious golden and white sandy beaches, and opportunities for water sports and snorkeling, Tenerife ticks all the boxes for a beach holiday.

If you have children with you then you will not be at a loss of how to keep them happy. Across the island there are many theme parks, water parks and nature reserves that will give any child that sense of adventure they crave. One of the newest water parks to open up is the Siam Park which prides itself on being the most exciting water park in Europe, with tonnes of exciting rides set in a consistent theme of ancient Thailand.

History buffs will not be left miserable either. There are structures on the island that in 1991, courtesy of the famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl, were discovered to share certain similarities with the famous pyramids found in Peru and Mexico. Now it is generally thought that these are ancient pyramids left by an ancient civilisation. They are now called the Guimar Pyramids and are a must see for those interested in human history.

And if you add to this description a glorious Spanish cuisine offered in countless restaurants and bars dotted across the island, it becomes clear that Tenerife has a lot to offer holiday makers. From the island it is also incredibly easy to visit other Canary Islands.