Cuba Travel Guide

 Cuba Travel Guide

Green slopes and perfect beaches, wildlife- tumbling falls and rainforests, imposing lively towns and hill stages, all covered in certainly Innovative politics; Cuba’s area may truly claim to become among the many single locations in the world.

The most populous and biggest area within the Caribbean, the following US trade embargo and also Cuba 1959 revolution has frozen the area over time; classic American vehicles, however, roar through the streets of its towns, while carts and horses clatter through the country.

Havana, the administrative centre, delivers a heady mixture of debauchery and dilapidation. It’s a town where beautifully restored structures rub shoulders using the rundown tenements of Cubans that are normal. The contrasts could be marked, but Havana’s powerful drinks and common salsa rhythms galvanise the town and create a metropolitan experience unlike every other.

Additional towns that are Cuba’s are encounters in themselves. Santiago de Cuba is just a melting pot of Afro-Caribbean countries, where light protected structures fulfil with great cathedrals. After which there’s Trinidad, that provides an overview of the bygone period using its cobblestone roads, pale wonderful courtyards and colonial façades.


To lessen theft’s chance during luggage handling from baggage, equally on starting and appearance, eliminate all belongings, lock if feasible ask them to shrink-wrapped and bags before check in.

Certainly, a small number are of cab drivers and phoney trip brokers working around Old Havana and in the airports. Don’t journey with anyone apart from your tour operator. Make certain it’s a listed one and never a personal automobile if you want to have a cab.

Vehicle-related offence and muggings happen to time, not just in Havana in Santiago de Cuba along with other places from time. Be mindful in main Havana during the night. Make use of a cabin the place of the stroll, even when you’re just a few blocks from your location. After their tyres have now been intentionally pierced there has been assaults on visitors in hire vehicles. Push onto a city before ending should you obtain a hole in a distant region. Don’t end for hitchhikers as they’ve been recognised to execute episodes.

Road travel

You are able to drive-in Cuba utilising a legitimate UK Driving License for approximately six months into the nation in the day of one’s accessibility. Next, you’ll want to get a driving license. The insurance contains nearby 3rd party address should you rent a car make certain.

Guests and all motorists of scooters and bikes are needed legally to use an accident helmet. Because of severe incidents which have concerned visitors, you shouldn’t use three-wheel Coco or mopeds -Taxis for travel.

Air travel

You will find issues about requirements of preservation of public transportation. Advice is offered by the FCO can’t on specific airlines’ security. Nevertheless, the Worldwide Air Transport Association writes a summary of airlines that are authorised that discovered and have been audited to meet up numerous recommended methods and functional security requirements. This checklist isn’t thorough and also a flight out of this checklist doesn’t’s lack suggest that it’s hazardous.

In Cuba, the International Civil Aviation Company completed a review of the amount of execution of the crucial aspects of security error in 2008.

You’ll find a summary of incidents and current situations on the Aviation Security network’s site.


Cuba is just a one party state. A higher degree is a powerful police presence along with interpersonal control. You will find prevalent limitations on the independence of affiliation, talk and construction for Cuban people. Events or governmental presentations not approved from the government might be split up. You need to prevent big public events or presentations.